Emily Foy completes the Marathon des Sables 2015


Huge congratulations to Emily Foy, a solicitor in our Family department, who has very successfully completed the Marathon des Sables (known to be the toughest race on Earth). For those who do not know what this involves it is 158 miles in 6 days, 1 day is an ultra-marathon of 56 miles, 4 days are marathons. There is 1 rest day, as some people take up to 36 hours to complete the 56 mile day! It is run in the Sahara, and hence in extremely hot conditions, and runners have to carry everything they need for the 6 days, except for water and a tent, in a back pack. Not only did Emily complete all of this but she was the 136th out of 1350 and the 9th lady overall.