Payne Hicks Beach announces its continued support of members of the British Olympic Sailing Team

Payne Hicks Beach is believed to be the longest serving supporter of many members of the British Olympic Sailing Team and the Partners are pleased to announce the continuation of that support through to the next Games in Brazil in 2016.

Three of the boats sponsored by the firm competed in the recent 49er European Championships held in Aarhus, Denmark and top of the bunch were Dylan Fletcher and Alain Sign who finished second overall and first of the Europeans. Dave Evans and Ed Powys finished 10th which was somewhat disappointing for them given their podium finishes at earlier regattas. In 32nd place were Stu Bithell and Chris Grube (Chris goes by the nickname of "Twiggy"!). Stu won a Silver in the London Games but has swapped classes and boat ends to compete in the 49er. Presently, he is very much on a learning curve.

Dylan Fletcher recently wrote:

The Summer so far

Well it has been an epic summer, the weather has been the best in years with plenty of variable conditions to sail in but most importantly there has been a fair amount of warm weather. It makes you forget about the dark wintery days to come, putting on thick wet wetsuits, spending all evening warming up after a short couple of hours on the water... Brrrr! Nearly makes you forget.

Anyway we have been busy post Europeans getting a new boat on the water and working out what makes her tick to get the maximum out of her. There is no doubt that she seems to be pretty good! We were doing lots of speed testing this week during a British Sailing Team squad camp, the benefits of our large team is that you have so many boats to race against on a domestic level and test speed.

We even managed to crash her on one hectic start, always good to get the first crash in early. At the end of the day its going to happen at some point! Although she got through in not to bad shape, nothing a bit of gelcoat and polish can not fix.

Next up for us is a Coaches regatta in our World championship venue Marseille, France. We head out around the start of September for just over a week to get back into racing and start to get a feel for what the venue is like.

Bye for now.

Payne Hicks Beach announces its continued support of members of the British Olympic Sailing Team