49er Blog: Dylan Fletcher and Alain Sign

Another year goes by!

It's that time of year again and we have been in Palma getting ready for the first big regatta of the European season. The Princess Sofia Regatta is the only regatta Alain and I have been to every year since we started 49er sailing back at the end of 2006 and it is certainly one we enjoy. Palma often puts on some classic sea breeze days mixed with some big breeze and massive wave days that really sort the men from the boys!

Last week we were out there getting back into the conditions and just starting to get into the groove of racing. We had some unusual conditions for Palma with quite a few offshore days mixed in with some unusual sea breeze days, as the saying always goes "its not normally like this"!

After a few days training we got involved in the Arenal Training Camps Regatta, which was our first chance to test out our racing skills with a bigger fleet. Safe to say we were a little bit rusty and struggled with the starting but we certainly were good at overtaking! Over the 3 days we had our ups and downs, but with thanks to some big comebacks we came away with 2nd overall. Nice work to our training partners Dave and Ed who nailed it to win overall. As ever with training regattas it is hard to look too indepth into the results but we are pretty happy with how our winter training has gone and are looking forward to getting back out there and into some real racing!

For now it's time for us to chill out and get our heads down ready for racing.

49er Blog: Dylan Fletcher and Alain Sign