Dylan Fletcher - its next year

Its next year…

Somehow the Olympic’s feels a whole lot closer now that we are in 2015 and next year its going to be games time! Time flies when you are having fun and working hard. With that in the back of our minds we have got plenty to be working on between now and then; qualifying would be a good start, but more importantly is to try to close the gap to the Kiwi’s who right now are on top form and going fast.

After last years racing season its time to get our heads down and work on speed, which we already started in December last year out in Miami. Although we do have our first World Cup of 2015 at the end of January in Miami to kick start the year. After that we will be working hard in Europe on finding some extra speed. Its hard in a class like a 49er to make any great speed jumps, for us its more about an accumulation of marginal gains that added up can make the difference around the race track. The skill is to know where they could be and then work on how much time to spend on each of them.

With the kiwis showing such dominance last year it was a big eye opener for us, after feeling like we closed the gap up in 2013 they certainly put the hammer down in 2014. On the plus side they have shown there hand already. We have seen how fast they can make the boat go, so for us its always easier now you have seen it happen and we can start to reel them back in. Its not all bad either, we had a great year last year even with the disappointment at the worlds. We dealt with quite a large amount of adversity much better than we expected and made big speed gains in the breeze. We came out of the year with 5 medals, our second Gold medal ever and first medal at an Olympic test event, not bad 2 years out from the games.

But we want more and we know that we have more in us. Although for now we are going to keep our heads down, working hard on our weaknesses and try to make the most of each regatta we come to. There is an exciting year ahead of us and its time to get down to business.

Dylan Fletcher - its next year