Charlotte Dobson and Sophie Ainsworth - 49fx class

The summer of 2015

Charlotte and I spent the majority of our summer in Rio. What a month it was. We finished 7th overall in the Olympic test event, quite frankly we sailed like lemons for the first half of our regatta, losing places in close boat situations and struggling to get off the start line (almost like we hadn't raced for three months), which cost us, but on the last three days we had the best series of the fleet. It is confidence building to know that actually when the going gets tough and the pressure really mounts we can turn it around. We were annoyed by our result, but with a little time and reflection the fact that we hadn't raced for two months in the build up to this put things into perspective for us. As always we are thriving for more and our ambitions have been moved forwards to our World Championships in Argentina in mid November.

Since Rio, we both had a week of holiday, which felt like a novel experience! However, it wasn’t long until we were busy again, putting our new boat Gina Diablo together. If you don’t know the theme of our boat names, it is based on the film gone in 60 seconds. They have to steal 50 cars in 24 hours, each car is given a ladies name. The first 49er we had was called Vanessa Daytona, because Daytonas don’t turn corners very well, and at that stage we couldn’t turn corners in our 49er – we still have slight issues with this now! Gina Diablo is an upgrade to a purple Lamborghini, hot but hardcore as described by Anna Dobson. Rose testarossa made it to the final cut of names but we decided it sounded too much like testosterone!

Normally for out Autumn training we would either stay at home or we would go South to warmer climates. However, this year we have decided to mix things up and travel NORTH to Denmark in Hellerup, Copenhagen. This weekend we competed at the 49er Danish international championships (the Danish nationals but with a lot of foreign teams.) We had the 49ers, 49erFXs and 29ers all racing on the same course at the same time, as you can imagine it was mayhem! Our 49erFX fleet was 20 boats strong, with 10 of the top 15 in the class competing, which made the racing very realistic and great fun. Unfortunately there wasn’t any wind on Sunday, so we only had four races on the Saturday in very light conditions. We finished 4th overall, another race to get a discard would have helped us get onto the podium but it was fun nonetheless. We are now staying in Copenhagen to train for another week, we have our fingers crossed it stays warm, the locals keep threatening that it will get colder. #EveryroadtoRio

Best wishes

Charlotte Dobson and Sophie Ainsworth - 49fx class