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Well we really are getting to the sharp end of the Olympic cycle with the onset of the 2016 Olympic year. I’m writing this in a brief break in play preparing one of my potential Olympic Games boats here in Weymouth. Like most of the time we find our selves with an incredibly quick turn around. The boat I used at a successful World Championships in New Zealand in November has just arrived back into the UK in a container. We now have a couple of days to fix up the underside of the boat before it is again put in a container for shipment to Rio. This boat is the first of a couple of boat options I have making their way to Rio, it wont be back in the country until after the Olympics in summer. So we’re being very meticulous in making sure it leaves in tip top shape!!

Looking at the past year and forward into this year logistics of where equipment needs to be and by when has been of vital importance. I must say that Matt Howard my coach takes the primary role in dealing with these logistics, not a simple task my any means! We’ve been dealing with major Championships in New Zealand, Rio, and Europe not to mention where boats need to be for training sessions. Matt and I have been juggling 6 hulls and 10 mast and countless sails. I know this may sound like a ridiculous number just to get one person in a boat racing around a racecourse. However unfortunately due to the extensive testing, training and racing program we’ve been running all the above is indeed an evil necessity!

So above is a brief insight into what we’ve been up to off the water, now for the fun bit, the sailing. The fact I’m selected and going to my first Olympic Games has certainly had time to settle in and is allowing me to really knuckle down to make sure I make the most of the honor and opportunity I’ve been given. After winning the Olympic test Event in 2015 (which secured my selection) I took a brief break and some down time before having to ramp everything right back up for the World Championships in November 2015. For the World Championships Matt and I (like a few of the other international Finn sailors) made the choice to change the design of the boat I’d been racing for almost 7 years. This was a potentially bold step to take especially given the track record the old boat had at major events over the years. We did a month of testing and decided we should try the new one at the Worlds. A decision that was, thankfully now with the power of hindsight, a good one. I was successful in defending my World Title and gained my 3rd World Championship win. The regatta was one of those regattas that you always hope to have, still an amazingly pressured week, but I was sailing well and was pleased to have made far fewer mistakes that my competitors.

The Wolds brought an end to the real competitive season of 2015, although with the Olympics just round the corner we new we had to make the most of an opportunity to go straight to Rio for a week of training and a small regatta. It’s always hard to come off the back of a long year ending with a World Championships and just go straight back in with no real break. However because the training regatta was in Rio we had to go and make the most if it. It was one of those occasions where it was the wrong thing to do given the timing, but thankfully it was a very useful trip. I got home just before Christmas and was more excited than ever to nothing for a couple weeks.

I’m pleased to say that now fully rested from 2015 I’m ready to attack this most important of years. Matt and I are very keen to keep the ball rolling, keep developing in all areas and do everything we can to maintain the momentum we’ve been able to cultivate over this cycle. We’ve scheduled in training throughout January, February and March before my events season kicks off. So please standby for more updates.

Giles Scott

Blog from Giles Scott one of Britain's best bets for Rio Gold