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Citizenship & Immigration
  EU Nationals and Family Members
  High Net Worth Individuals – Investors
  Partners & Other Family Members
  Setting Up A Business - Tier 1 Entrepreneur & Representatives of Overseas Businesses
  Sponsorship for Employers
  Students and Parents of Children at School in the UK
  Tier 1 Exceptional Talent

Company & Commercial
  Business Tax
  Capital Markets
  Corporate Recovery
  Financial Services
  Mergers & Acquisitions
  Private Equity

Dispute Resolution
  Charity Disputes
  Commercial Disputes
  Construction Disputes
  Contentious Trusts & Probate
  Mediation & ADR
  Privacy & Media Law
  Professional Negligence & Regulations
  Property Disputes
  Public Inquiries
  Schools & Education
  Sports Disputes

    Contracts & Termination Agreements
    Redundancies & Business Transfers
    Disputes & Procedures
    Sickness & Health
    Confidentiality & Competition
    Business Transfers & Redundancies
    Contracts & Policies
    Employee Rights
    Competition & Confidentiality
    Internal Procedures & Dismissals

  Civil Partnerships
  Divorce & Separation
  Financial Provision
  Inheritance Disputes
  Injunctions & Emergency Relief
  Pre-Nuptial Agreements & Asset Protection

Privacy & Media Law
  Breach of Confidence
  Copyright & Intellectual Property
  Privacy & Misuse of Private Information

Private Client
  Citizenship & Immigration
  Contentious Trusts & Probate
  French Desk
  International Tax & Trusts
  Landed Estates & Agriculture
  Middle East
  Residential Property
    Buying or Selling Your Home
    Transactions by Overseas Residents
    Extending your Lease or Buying your Landlord's Freehold
    Restrictive Covenants
    Boundary Disputes
    Extensions and Alterations
  Tax Planning
  UK Trusts
  Wills & Estate Planning

  Charity Property
  Commercial Property
  Corporate Occupiers
  French Desk
  Landed Estates & Agriculture
  Middle East
  Property Development
  Property Disputes
  Residential Property
    Buying or Selling Your Home
    Transactions by Overseas Residents
    Extending your Lease or Buying your Landlord's Freehold
    Restrictive Covenants
    Boundary Disputes
    Extensions and Alterations

Our People

  Ian Airey
  James Bacon
  Hanna Basha
  Simon Beccle
  Andrew Berry
  Frederick Bjørn
  Matthew Booth
  Kathryn Bradbury
  Robert Brodrick
  Ian Connell
  Dominic Crossley
  Basil Dixon
  Justin Dunlop
  Jonathan Gatward
  Stephen King
  Richard Manyon
  Rosamond McDowell
  Philip McGuirk
  Peter McRoberts
  Alastair Murdie
  Alice Palmer
  Nick Sayers
  Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia LVO
  Matthew Spring
  Richard Stapylton-Smith
  Andrew Tugwell
  Sarah Webb

  Marisa Beccarelli
  Catherine Costley
  Vicky de' Sanna
  Caroline Ferrigan
  Emily Foy
  Emilie Helm
  Nick Manners
  Ben Parry-Smith
  Charlotte Skea-Strachan
  Howard Taylor
  Andrew Tose
  Ane Vernon
  Chris Weaver

  Marisa Beccarelli
  Orla Bingham
  Camellia Buckmaster
  Emma Carrington Brook
  Katie de Kauwe
  Melissa Ellis
  Clarissa Ferguson
  Emily Gailey
  Nick Grant
  Clare Hetherington
  Emily Hewlett
  Victoria Hingston
  Marcia Kidd
  Klara Kronbergs
  Jeremy Lowe
  Joshua Moger
  Tom Quinn
  Georgina Rayfield
  Dean Ryan
  Isabella Savill
  Chris Weaver
  Andrew Willan
  Andrea Yiakoumetti

  Fiona Brown
  Rebecca Cockcroft
  Andrew Dixon
  Diana Hird
  Judith Powell
  Christopher Sly
  Stephen Woodward

Tax, Trust & Probate Team
  Michael Bruce
  Lance Christopher
  Sue Hunt
  William Leonard
  Jothein Miles
  Andrei Moiseeff
  Allan Twitchett
  Neil Wingerath

Senior Administration Team
  Samantha Bridgewater
  Stuart Cochlin
  Virginia Farquharson
  Jackie Fishleigh
  Tarver Hodges
  Michael Leedham
  Janice Okuns
  Jonathan Sewell

News & Updates

  Seminar - Selling your business: the dos and don'ts
  Payne Hicks Beach shortlisted for STEP Private Client Awards 2017/18
  Corporate: Spring 2017 Newsletter
  AAZ v BBZ – Baroness Shackleton and team lead their client to victory
  Citywealth Leaders List 2017
  Coverage of Associate promotions: Nick Manners and Caroline Ferrigan
  Payne Hicks Beach: key teams Associate promotions
  Coverage of Hanna Basha and Nick Grant joining Payne Hicks Beach
  Payne Hicks Beach further strengthens its Privacy & Media Law offering
  Reorganisation of DNA Fit Limited
  International Trusts and Private Client Conferences: Guernsey & Jersey
  Ane Vernon: Winner of Education Solicitor of the Year UK
  Brexit Seminar: Essential Planning for Business
  International Trusts and Estates Litigation Forum: Richard Manyon
  International Family Law Conference in Milan: Vicky de'Sanna
  Payne Hicks Beach advises ICICI Bank UK Plc on its loan to Lux International AG
  Ane Vernon is a winner in the Lawyer Monthly’s ‘Education Firm of the Year’ category
  STEP Worldwide Excellence Awards: Richard Manyon top global score
  Frederick Bjørn & Basil Dixon: Gold Winners of The Citywealth Future Leaders 2016
  STEP Geneva Chapter: Richard Manyon
  Coverage of the appointment of Kevin James and Howard Taylor
  Payne Hicks Beach is a double Lex 100 Winner for 2016/17
  LMT Southgate Holdings Limited's refinancing by HSBC Bank Plc
  Payne Hicks Beach Adds Two Significant Hires
  Top 35 Under 35: Basil Dixon and Caroline Ferrigan listed
  Payne Hicks Beach Further Strengthens its Private Client Department
  Payne Hicks Beach advises The Picture Desk Limited on digital library sale
  SIA Partners UK Plc acquire Molten Holding Group Limited
  Payne Hicks Beach’s Ane Vernon recognised in ‘Education Law’ Award
  Spear's 2016: Top Tax and Trust Lawyers – Robert Brodrick
  Family Team ranked as eprivateclient Top 25 Family Law Firms 2016
  Advice after Brexit
  Coverage of Nick Sayers' appointment as a Partner at Payne Hicks Beach
  Payne Hicks Beach further strengthens Company Commercial department
  Payne Hicks Beach announces four substantial promotions
  Payne Hicks Beach Victory
  Virginia Farquharson as Director of Management
  Payne Hicks Beach announces new Senior Management Position
  Kathryn Bradbury named Immigration Lawyer of the Year 2016
  Kings Road Publishing Limited's acquisition of John Blake Publishing Limited
  Legrand Electric Limited acquires Jontek Limited
  Payne Hicks Beach held the first event of ConTrA | The 2016 Programme
  eprivateclient's Top 25 Law Firms 2016: Payne Hicks Beach listed
  Petty France Limited acquires Stockworth Limited
  Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
  Payne Hicks Beach recommended in Chambers Global 2016
  Payne Hicks Beach shortlisted for Private Client Team of the Year 2016
   Payne Hicks Beach hosts first event of ConTrA | The 2016 Programme
  Success in the High Court for Dr Markus Frey
  The Legal Protection of Privacy and Free Expression
  Citywealth Top 10 family lawyers with high-profile child law cases 2016
  Tatler: The Best Divorce Lawyers: Fiona Shackleton and Fiona Brown
  Spear's 500: Payne Hicks Beach Partners listed
  Payne Hicks Beach bolsters Dispute Resolution
  Payroll World Conference 2015: Chris Weaver
  Removing executors and making them pay
  Spear’s 500 Immigration Index: Kathryn Bradbury
  Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR): 150 years celebration
  Payne Hicks Beach bolsters Teams with internal promotions
  Bonnier Zaffre Limited aquires Totally Entwined Group Limited
  RICS: Ask the Lawyer Series - Andrew Tugwell and Richard Manyon
  Payne Hicks Beach offices in New Square star in Downton Abbey
  Payne Hicks Beach supports "Becoming a Dementia Friend"
  Payne Hicks Beach wins for The London Oratory School
  Emily Foy completes the Marathon des Sables 2015
  Payne Hicks Beach Strengthens Immigration Law Offering
  Baroness Shackleton's High Court victory for Mandy Gray
  Spear's: Reputation Management Index - Dominic Crossley

Legal Updates
  Have your say on post-Brexit immigration
  Employers' obligations: storage of information around staff medical condition
  Employer insolvency: What lessons can be learned from Jaeger's woes?
  A well-planned will can save your business empire
   Legal update: media law - The right of erasure
  The Inheritance Tax Perils of co-habitation for older couples
  Agile Working, the Entreployee and Generational Issues
  AI revolution and ‘Industry 4.0’
  Steps employers can take to ensure the mental health of staff
  Battle over who will run our family business
  Caveat Emptor: 5 tips for tenants
  Powell and the perils of litigating
  How to save the third generation of family wealth
  Top 10 steps to choosing the right solicitor
  Fighting back against celebrity hacking
  Dawson Damer v Taylor Wessing the end of the Londonderry principle?
  Changes to UK immigration rules for sponsored non-EEA workers
  Press Eject: How to remove troublesome trustees
  'Cautionary tale' on free advice from solicitors
  Syn values and Porky Lights
  UK businesses may face claims after head scarf ruling
  Estate of play: do trusts have a role in international estate planning?
  Spring Budget 2017: Private client perspective
  Plumber ruling 'wake-up' call for 'gig economy' businesses
  The rising significance of inheritances
  Trump presidency: return of world’s wealthy to London property market
  M&A 2017: ‘De-risking’ mergers and acquisitions
  Learn from PGA European Tour
  Clash of Clans (or rather jurisdictions): Labrouche v Frey & Ors [2016]
  Could “associate EU citizenship” become a worthwhile employee perk?
  Sorry, Southern rail commuters, your boss can still ask you attend the office
  How to advise a Middle Eastern client – dos and don'ts
  How to throw an office party without the legal hangover
  Autumn Statement: the City reacts
  Having your cake and eating it
  The Pokémon invasion of privacy
  Trust Protectors: A risky insurance policy?
  Mind your language
  Do you know your rights within the gig economy?
  New fast track system for EU nationals: Will it work?
  Can (and should) employers ditch bonuses?
  Melania Trump's legal action against The Daily Mail
  Trust Protectors: To Protect and To Serve?
  In the genes: The baronetcy of Stichill
  A Welsh rectification
  Tatler: Catherine Costley comments in Tatler feature "Meet the Mid-nup"
  Uber: Self-employed and worker status
  Lost founder's rights
  The Right of Scandinavians to Live or Work in the UK Post-Brexit
  The Sun and Mail Websites and Pippa Middleton: Double Fault
  Analysis: How will Brexit impact retail employment in the UK
  Property law update: commercial property - assignment of leases
  The immigration consequences of withdrawal from the EU
  Baronetcy DNA Ruling – Stephen King Responses to the Media
  Brexit and employment law
  Brexit woes: Is the UK still attractive to EU HNWs?
  The Enlargement of Weald of Kent Grammar School
  Privacy arguments before the courts reach record high
  Coverage of Promotions at Payne Hicks Beach
  Celebrity Wins Ruling to Keep Identity Secret
  A close shave for a financial advisor, and a haircut for a solicitor
  Why Brexit could spell trouble for recruitment
  Post Panama Papers: a litigious era?
  Ruling - PJS Celebrity Injunction - Dominic Crossley’s Responses to the Media
  Unfair Tipping Practices
  Where do you hang your hat?
  Brexit and the threat to recruiting from the continent
  The Legal fallout from the Panama Papers
  Supreme Court rules Morrisons vicariously liable for employee's violent attack
  The media, defamation and lawyers
  The PJS Celebrity Injunction - Dominic Crossley’s Responses to the Media
  UK Company register criticised
  The PSC Register: A New Requirement for UK Companies
  Solid Foundations?
  Having mental capacity when you don't
  Supreme court finds Morrisons liable for employee's crime at work
  Sacking a Trustee? Prepare for toil and strife
  Wentworth Golfers
  Citywealth Weekly Interview: Dominic Crossley
  GCSE Religious Studies
  The UK's immigration policy will exacerbate skills shortages
  Luxury lifestyle no guarantee of a luxury inheritance
  Right to rent - a hostile environment at any cost
  Can your boss spy on your personal emails at work?
  First conviction for the SFO under the Bribery Act 2010
  Faith in Education
  Love the Judge you’re with
  Landlords: New Right to Rent checks from 1 February 2016
  CBI Interview: Robert Brodrick & Kathryn Bradbury
  Settling up is hard to do
  Stand up to fast bowling in court to beat corruption
  Libel stats don’t tell the whole story
  Reputation rights and the deceased
  The grammar school debate continues
  No name, no claim?
  A will's poor executor can be the death of an estate
  Slavery: not turning a blind eye
  'Claw Back' Provisions
  Just what is the employment status of Uber drivers?
  From bad to worse
  Auctioneers beware: misdescribing lots can cost you lots
  My neighbour cut down my tree. Can I sue for damages?
  How to avoid your own Chelsea FC doctor situation
  The Migration Complication
  Privacy injunctions and public perceptions
  What to do to avoid a large inheritance tax bill
  Lost highways found
  Ask an Expert: Wrongly denied inheritance
  EU reforms will help beat property inheritance tussles
  Ashley Madison hack
  How not having children could cost you £140,000
  Could your will be overturned by a court?
  Inheritance Tax Pitfalls of UK/US Marriages
  Keeping up appearances
  Lost highways set to reappear as right-of-way law changes
  Estate planning lessons from a family farm dispute
  Reputation Protection for the International Wealthy (Reluctantly) Famous
  Recruiting foreign skilled workers: the cap doesn't fit
  Scottish land reforms set to accelerate
  Tax and the Tories: What policy changes are likely?
  High Court shows the unpredictable nature of will validation
  The importance of capacity in succession planning
  A hasty and unplanned demolition in Kilburn
  On the offensive
  London Oratory School's case against school's adjudicator
  Bestowing Chattels
  Broadcasters should trust the clout of common law
  Is Someone Watching You? Data Privacy & Protection
  Lib Dems Target Media Lawyers
  Overview of Recent UK Investor and Entrepreneur Visa Changes
  Landed Estates to join forces
  After the fall
  What acceptance in lieu of Churchill's paintings tells about pre-eminence
  How to deal with workplace dismissal
  George Osborne election budget: Britain 'walking tall again'
  The law behind the Cowshed Cinderella case
  Japanese knotweed and the invasion of the bureaucrats
  Who would have thought Hacked Off would rescue journalists?
  Professional negligence: accountants in the line of fire
  Samsung's listening TV is proof that tech has outpaced our rights
  First shots fired in billionaire H&M boss's property dispute
  Twitter sucks at kicking trolls off site - says boss
  Will the Fit for Work service mean higher absence costs for small firms?
  BBC doesn't deserve award for Sir Cliff raid broadcast
  Justice denied: how media reforms have harmed the rights of companies
  "Fake Sheikh" Saga: Lessons on Urgent Injunctive Relief for Corporates
  Shared parental leave in force from today
  Plebgate libel case: Andrew Mitchell may get a bill of up to £1.5m
  Mediation: peace at any price
  'Fake sheikh' Panorama injunction bid
  Plebgate trial and the new defamation act
  Plebgate: a libel battle royal in the RCJ
  The televising of the Pistorius trial
  Intestacy: widows given more rights
  Dominic Crossley: Privacy, criminal records and recruitment
  Don't end up on the wrong side of a 'right of way'
  Stars' naked pictures hacked for cash
  What are you allowed to know about a job candidates criminal past?
  Trafficked au pair given permission to claim race discrimination
  Decision day on Dolphin Square
  The Police Tip-Off and Cliff Richard - Dominic Crossley
  Case Law R(T) -v- Secretary of State for the Home Department
  Surveillance - How much is too much?
  Privacy and/or security?
  A Non-Technical Journey into the World of Big Data
  Ask the experts
  An Estate-Planning Smörgåsbord
  Crying foul over Qatar coverage
  Prenup with a social-media clause: prevent release of photos?
  Ask the experts
  Disclosing cautions breaches privacy rights, Supreme Court rules
  Can I sue my own solicitors?
  You should not deny training or promotion to maternity leave staff
  Managing reputation in criminal proceedings
  How to avoid religious discrimination claims
  Ask the experts
  The law can help neighbours in basement works disputes
  Privacy in Court Proceedings: Exposed – Dominic Crossley
  Business "Transparency and Trust"
  IHT Liabilities of non-UK resident domicilaries
  Nuisance and Noise - How safe is your business?
  Beware the lifetime gifting traps
  How family planning factors into business
  Can I sue over critical tweets?
  Drozdov - High Court win for Stephen King's contentious trusts team
  Case Law, Hamburg District Court: Max Mosley v Google Inc
  Can I stop rival leafleting?
  Ruusunen v Finland: the Private Life of a Prime Minister
  I am concerned for my staff
  Warming Up
  Legal issues to consider when employing an intern in your SME
  Domicile is key for German wife to guard against IHT
  What does the Equality Act 2010 mean for your business?
  Noble daughters celebrate...
  Google down in Paris: how did it come to this?
  UK Statutory Residence Test Introduced - The Ties that Bind
  Joint ventures - an opportunity for growth
  Company Ownership Transparency and Trust
  The Tax Doctor:
  Succession Law Issues for Scandinavians
  ATED Returns - a 6 Point Action Plan
  Remitting Funds to the UK for Business Investment
  Super-basements hit rock bottom
  Your contract - more or less than you bargained for?
  Prest v Petrodel Resources (Supreme Court)
  Landlords can avoid service charge consultation
  Planning Conditions Need to be Clear to be Enforceable
  New - 10% additional damages if offers to settle are refused
  When is a valuer negligent? A recipe for disaster?
  Can a landlord relocate car parking spaces in a lease to redevelop?
  Residential Landlords Deposits - have you protected yourself?
  Sensitive advice might have to be disclosed
  Private improvements on public rights of way
  Company Charges
  Further Down the Village Green Rabbit Hole
  Company & Asset Sales: Protecting the Buyer
  New SDLT/CGT regime for UK Property
  When should Retiring Trustees seek a Contractual Indemnity
  Fair's Fair for Cohabiting Couples?
  Important property briefing: A wake up call for land owners
  Social Networking Sites: the good, the bad and the ugly
  Subsidiary & Holding Companies:impact of Enviroco v Farstad
  The Nelson Inquiry: time and money well spent?
  The Bribery Act 2010
  Selling Your Business: the first approaches and the sale process
  Selling Your Business: getting the ducks in a row
  Competition Rules: addressing your own risk
  Nominated Directors: some recent issues

Charity Updates
  The London Legal Walk 2017
  The Marsden March 2017
  Christmas Charities 2016
  Payne Hicks Beach supports Wrap Up London 2016
  Poppy Appeal 2016
  The Silver Line Charity
  Wear it Pink 2016!
  World's Biggest Coffee Morning - 30 September 2016
  The 12th Standard Chartered Great City Race 2016
  The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust - The Round the Island Race
  The London Legal Walk 2016
  Payne Hicks Beach awarded Payroll Giving Quality Mark Silver Award 2016
  Christine Webb completes the Brighton Marathon 2016
  Thank you from the Atlantic Lions
  Old change for new change?
  The Atlantic Lions complete the crossing of The Atlantic
  Christmas Charities 2015
  The Atlantic Lions
  Christmas Bake Off 2015
  Christmas Jumper Day 2015
  Wrap Up London 2015
  Poppy Appeal 2015
  Wear It Pink!
  World's Biggest Coffee Morning - 25 September 2015
  Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation
  Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation
  The 11th Standard Chartered Great City Race 2015
  The London Legal Walk 2015
  Payne Hicks Beach supports "Becoming a Dementia Friend"
  Payne Hicks Beach Bake-Off 2015
  Vicky Clinton completes the Brighton Marathon 2015
  Coram's Fields
  PHB donates unclaimed balances to the Ellen McArthur Cancer Trust
  Christmas Charities 2014
  Christmas Jumper Day
  Poppy Appeal 2014
  Wrap Up London 2014
  Bake Off
  Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust: Great South Run
  St Mungo's, Broadway
  Macmillan - Worlds' Biggest Coffee Morning
  Bart's Bash
  Bart's Bash - the largest sailing race in the world
  Standard Chartered Great City 2014
  The 10th London Legal Walk
  Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre official launched
  Iain Percy admits he is torn between home and America's Cup success
  A year on from the death of Bart, Sir Ben Ainslie and Iain Percy
  London Marathon 2014: Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
  London Marathon 2014: Skin Cancer Research Fund
  Great Sport Relief Bake Off 2014
  Trivial Pursuit Evening raises money for charity
  The EMCT: The BT Tower - 7 May 2014
  Bart's Bash
  Christmas Charities 2013
  Wrap Up London
  Great South Run 2013
  The Uphill Ski Club
  Break Through Breast Cancer Bake Off
  Run to the Beat Half Marathon
  Movember 2012
  Breast Cancer Campaign 2012
  Macmillan Cancer Support 2012
  Great Gorilla Run 2012
  Action Against Hunger
  The 8th London Legal Walk
  Christmas Charities 2011
  The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust 2011
  The Royal British Legion
  Breast Cancer Campaign 2011
  Royal Parks Half Marathon 2011
  Macmillan Cancer Support 2011
  The 7th London Legal Walk

Sailing Updates
  Bart's Bash


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  Details of Training
  Training Programme
  Social Life
  Application 2019 - Closed


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